Nav Canada Scandal Update: Job-Axing Execs Got $7 Million in Bonuses

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February 1, 2021

Nav Canada Scandal Update: Job-Axing Execs Got $7 Million in Bonuses

In testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Communities, it was revealed Thursday that Nav Canada executives had been given $7 million in bonuses at the same time they were preparing to issue layoff notices to air traffic controllers.

“When I heard this testimony in committee I was astonished,” said Michael Kram, MP for Regina-Wascana, who sits on the transportation committee. “Where I come from, you get a bonus for doing a good job. If tearing down Canada’s air infrastructure, throwing people out of work and devastating the post-COVID recovery of Canadian communities is what Nav Canada considers a good job, I’d hate to see what they consider a bad job.”

“This is a classic example of adding insult to injury. Thanks to Nav Canada’s decision to close air traffic control towers, some airlines are considering consolidating their Saskatchewan service to Saskatoon. Our city may lose the ability to host major trade shows, conferences, sporting and cultural events if the air traffic control tower shuts down,” Kram said.

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Nigel Sharp
Constituency Assistant for MP Michael Kram, Regina-Wascana