Kram Demands Feds End Flight Blight to Regina

For Immediate Release

October 28, 2021

Kram Demands Feds End Flight Blight to Regina

Michael Kram, Member of Parliament for Regina-Wascana, today joined Conservative Shadow Minister of Transport in demanding that the Trudeau government lift the remaining international flight bans at airports across Canada, including Regina’s.

“With international travel now opening up for vaccinated persons, Regina residents are starting to make their holiday travel plans. These plans are being upended and kept in continued uncertainty through the Liberals’ unfair treatment of Regina International Airport and 17 others across the country,” Kram said.

Kram emphasized the ongoing damage that the flight restrictions were having on the local economy.

“I have heard from numerous local travel agents who have seen their businesses decimated over the past year and a half with no end in sight as long as our city is unable to host international flights. These restrictions have also hampered business travellers struggling to rebuild our city’s export markets. They are also increasing the cost of importing goods into the city, which hits every Regina citizen in the pocketbook, and which hurts our poorest citizens the hardest.”

Kram reiterated that there was no longer any rationale for the ongoing international flight restrictions.

“The Regina International Airport has among the highest COVID safety protocols in the country, including on-site testing to meet the most rigorous COVID screening requirements.”

Kram stated that this was a further example of “Justin Trudeau’s negligence” in delaying the resumption of Parliament until November 22.

“His excuse for his unnecessary and unsafe election was that he needed a mandate to move forward with tackling COVID, yet he is dawdling for two months while urgent issues languish. If we were in Parliament, we could tackle this issue in the Transport Committee. As it is, Canadians’ travel plans remain up in the air for another month until Trudeau works up the nerve to face another minority Parliament.”

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Patrick Heign
Administrative Assistant for MP Michael Kram, Regina-Wascana