Happy Canada Day

I would like to wish you all a happy Canada Day.

Sometimes I feel we forget how blessed we are to live in this great land of ours. When you look around at the globe today, you see a world full of turmoil, with divisiveness and acrimony everywhere you go.

But here in Canada, we have chosen a different path, a better path. This is not to say that our nation is without its problems or disagreements. But compared to many other places in the world, Canada does a much better job of resolving those problems peacefully and cooperatively.

There is still much more for us to do to ensure that all Canadians in all regions share in the prosperity of this great country. But we are on the right path. We have succeeded in creating a nation that is a beacon to the world in terms of fairness, equality, democracy, opportunity and prosperity.

One of my favourite patriotic songs is the new version of the Maple Leaf Forever. If you haven’t heard Anne Murray sing that version, I encourage you to look it up. There’s a verse from that song that sums up how I feel:

Protect the weak, defend your rights,
And build this land together,
Above which shine the Northern Lights,
And the Maple Leaf forever!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!